Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wildlife Photography at Pench

Alexandrine Parakeet

Tiger in Bush


Wild Dog on Road

Wild Dogs

Indian Courser

Indian Silver Bill

Indian Wolf




Leopard By Mrs..Kavita

Leopard by Nikhil Kirtane

Plain Tiger Butterfly

Forest Clotes

Russel's Viper

Pench Safari Elephants

Spotted Deer


By Chitanya Tours - Tiger

Cub Tiger

Tiger Cub on Kill - Dharmagiri

Tiger Family

Tigerinwaterhole - By Mr.Aparajit

Tigers on Kill - Dharma

Tribal Dance

Tribal Dance at Pench Courtsey Hotel in Pench

Mr.BagalKote - Pench Dholes

Dhole at Pench

Tiger Photography at Pench by Sanjay Tijre

Some excellent photography of tigers and wildlife life at Pench Tiger Reserve by Sanjay Tijre based in Chhindawara near by.