Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Integrated Online Marketing For Wildlife Lodges & Tour Operators

Online Marketing is utilization of all platforms to promote brands create reputation through website/blogs and unique contents. While many Digital Marketeers offer services as SEO experts in the topic there is one difference between just experts and those very familiar with an allied fields.

Lodge Courtyard House Kanha National Park
Understanding Diverse Topics

Marketing becomes a potential weapon for traffic generation and brand promotion if an SEO has understanding of diverse topics. I have!

Well this comes about with long term involvement with search engine optimization and social media marketing. Specialization  in some fields accrues due to deep involvement in the subject on ground as well. The added advantage of  involvement in SEO is obvious. Hence I can provide a cohesive effort to promote lodge website and tour operator website.

I have been associated with Indian Wildlife since many years as a freelance naturalist. I have accrued knowledge of lodge operations and management naturally after freelancing for more than ten years. I  am well aware of customer behaviour, needs and expectations from lodge owners and tour management. Well this means I am perfectly geared up for providing online marketing service to the wildlife sector. I create my own contents.

Indian Wildlife 
Get Bookings!

Exciting Safaris with Naturalist Interpretation & Heavenly Lodge Experience spells success! There are few aspects of wildlife experience in India:

Focus on Tiger or Apex Animal 
Quality Birding  
Destination Experience 
Indepth Interpretation at Lodges

If you are not willing to invest in these virtues then stay budget...keep minimal tariff and reduce package tour cost.

With Lodge Owners and Tour Operators the need is to get bookings and recommendations that increase referrals. This happens whence you have a reputation online.

Hence a cohesive approach using integrated marketing is essential. Using various platforms a cohesive stratgey can be chalked out using well written contents as main tool.

Lodge/Tour Operators Website

In online promotions (mobile friendly) websites play a major role now...unlike earlier. Good link architecture, solid contents and attributes with aesthetic design. But this is not all developing a good website with appealing design is not enough for conversions. 

Interactive Approach

You need to converse with the visitors and be contemporary. The former can be done using a chat window or an email but this will not  be enough. You need to publish latest happenings on the website. So create an interactive window publish latest tours along with photos and safari experience as they were executed on weekly basis.  All this has to be real time besides the testimonial page. If you do this you will rid of being a static or cardboard cutout website which discourage conversions.

Integration a blog is ideal tool to converse with online visitors by highlighting recent tour and safari experience.


It is important to register your company with known association or Government if possible. These and other accreditation will increase your conversions tremendously.    

Social Media

Being Active on Social Media and creating a reputation is also a prerequisite. SM can provide with immense reach and enhance conversions and inquiry level.   


If you have the resources do enroll in PPC like Google Adwords with a fixed budget for greater exposure.

If you have a good database highlight your activities and new introductions using Email Marketing. Or keep in touch with past clients as well for future business and convincing referrals....

Online Marketing requires constant involvement and resource planning. The best is to hire an Online Marketing Service/Content Writer and Quality Web Designer.

Are You Serious About Your Business?

Survival would be difficult without online presence.  



Uday works as a freelance naturalist/birder in India. He also provides SEO (Online Marketing Services) and Website Contents.
Contact: pateluday90@hotmail.com
Mobile: 9755089323 

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