Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tourism potential in India

India is an upcoming inbound tourism destination. The tourism potential of the country is not realized to the fullest yet. In spite thousands of splendors that are present all over the country tourism is much wanted at places. The reason for lack of inbound tourism in many places is purely due to lac of proper infrastructure and awareness about the destination.

Much needs to be done in order to promote tourism in India. At present tourism is restricted to few quarters - Rajasthan, Kerala, North India and Central India for wildlife tourism. Since the rush for tiger safaris Central India or Madhya Pradesh experienced a surge of tourists to tiger reserves like Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Pench National Park. In North India tiger tours became popular in Corbett National Park and Ranthambhore in Rajasthan. Similarly the former and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary  are popular birding destinations. 

For historical monument tours Agra especially the Taj Mahal takes the cake. Goa is also a popular travel destination but is more popular for beach tourism. Niche tourism has never been exploited in India. North  East does receive outbound tourists but mainly for Rhino safari and birding in Arunachal Pradesh. 

Kerala accounts for maximum inbound movement and the destination caters to all categories of tourism successfully. In current scenario it is recognized as best destination in India all over the world.          

The country offers amazing destinations and activities yet to be discovered to tourists from all over the but the infrastructure is wanting. State that wish to cash in on tourism should concentrate to infrastructure development. The development  should include lesser known destination that can become prime spots for tourists coming to India. 

For accommodation luxurious and well located resorts in India are a must. the two most important factors are accommodation and transportation. Where ever possible airports that service small charter jets or helicopters should be set up. Road network should extensive and contain well maintained roads for easy travel. This is much wanted in the country. Public culture is as important such that foreign tourists fell happy to be here.   

The most important face of tourism industry in India are tour operator companies that govern tourism. They  play a key role in promoting tourism and new destination. The packages offered by tour operators should conform to costs that are prevalent in other countries.

For increasing tourism not only the home aspects have to be looked after competition from other countries has to be face. It is crucial that we out compete other Nations in service and product as well.      

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