Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pench Tiger Reserve

Situated in dense forested hills of Satpura Ranges, Pench Tiger Reserve is tiger heaven in MP India. It is about 80 km drive from Nagpur Airport and about 200 km drive form Jabalpur Airport. Rudyard Kipling made these hills of Seoni popular in his "Jungle Book" which was later made into a film by Walt Disney. 

The forests is home to the characters of Jungle Book but not in same numbers. The wolf at Pench is in decline. the tiger thrives in good enough numbers so do leopard, wild dogs and many species of deer. You encounter a tiger more often than the leopard on safaris but the leopard it is more sighted here than any other place is Central India. The Indian wolf is seen outside the park but keeps moving as human pressure is a troubling factor.    

The reserve is best place to see the bison about 700 hundred live here. the herbivores exhibit excellent health and are larger then their counterparts in other reserves in MP.  Many films have been made on wildlife of this National Park. The popularity has resulted in more visitors coming on wildlife safari every year. Birding is excellent in these forests a treat to bird watchers. Less work has been done here on avian species therefore more discoveries are in offing.    

The habitat at Pench differs from Kanha and Bandhavgarh since it is dry to a greater degree and the rainfall is quiet deficient. The park is well protected and tiger have increased during the lat decade. Sloth bear, wild dogs and small cats are often seen. The Nilgai herds are impressive with some reaching their full growth. Other animals seen are the wild boar, langur, rhesus macaque, jackal, fox, civet cats, ratel, porcupine and jungle cat. Some of these are nocturnal and can be easily seen of night safaris.      

The park is named after the Pench River which intersects the park to reach the Totladoh Dam. This reservoir is excellent for the wetland birds and a crucial lifeline during the dry summers. Birds like Osprey, Ruddy Shells Duck, Northern Pintail, storks, Marsh Harriers, Booted eagle, Vultures are draw among the birders. 

Pench attracts lot of tourists on tiger safari in MP in India. The number is growing every year in terms of inbound travelers. There are a number of wildlife camps in the jungle which offer budget accommodation. For upscale tourists luxury lodges in Pench offer finest accommodations at reasonable price. The park guides conduct safaris in the park. A vehicle entry fee has to be paid for entering inside. The safaris have to be booked in advance since number of vehicles are restricted. It is best to ask you hotel to do the booking before you arrive.   

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