Sunday, September 4, 2011

Luxury Resorts New Trendsetters in Tiger Reserves

From basic amenities in the sixties and seventies the accommodation business has come a long way in the tiger reserves. The rest house still remain but accommodation official visitors, politicians and VIP guests. As tourism  increased the need for accommodation became necessary in parks like Kanha, Pench and Bandhavgarh. 

In eighties people familiar with jungle life established resorts with basic amenities. Since modern commodities had to be fetched from far of towns the offerings where simple. Tourists came in small numbers and accepted whatever the resorts offered as there was no other option. These resorts did brisk business whence tourist numbers increased.

By nineties there was a bull rush for setting up of hotels and resorts in these parks and elsewhere. The awareness generated by various films made on tigers and other wildlife increased the number of visitors to the park. With better tourism infrastructure coming into the picture the number of visitors wishing to stay in luxury also increased. The demand for luxury and 3 star accommodation has increased in the preserves.

A large number of 3 star resorts hotels well equipped for tourism has sprung up in recent times. Besides accommodations and organizing tiger safari the plush resorts offer spa facilities and even Ayurveda massage. But what is desired more is a company of naturalist guide, well stocked library, wildlife interpretation center, hides for bird watching etc. Big concerns like Taj Hotels have established resorts in Central Indian Parks. Club Mahindra Holidays are also planning to establish property at Kanha National Park.      

Comforts. clean hygienic food, ample luxuries are what these luxury resort hotels offer to the tourists. Kanha Pench and Bandhavgarh are full of such accommodations that offer 3 star facilities. Of late competition has forced many properties to be sold or wind up.           

There should be norms or rules set up for establishing properties in the buffer zones. Some laws have been enacted which will restrict construction near the parks. 

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