Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cheetah Relocation in India

Since the announcement of relocation of Cheetah in India there has been lot of expectancy amongst the crusaders of the wild. The recent news confirms that the exercise is intent to be carried out. The TOI mentions relocation of thirteen Cheetahs from Namibia in West Africa.

The paper cites relocation site as Palpur Kuno in MP and does not mention Noradehi WLS.   The formalities still required to be fulfilled permission from Director General Foreign Trade and clearance from CITES. This animal had become extinct in India  and no stray animal had ever been seen in  the wild since 1947. 

The government of Madhya Pradesh will import 20 animals from Namibia. Palpur Kuno was originally slated to harbor Asiatic Lion from Gujarat but the project is in doldrums as Gujarat Government is unwilling to cooperate.

Palpur Kuno has an area of 344 sq km and has been found as suitable for Cheetah as habitat. It would be interesting to see how the project goes since the exotic cat has to settle down and breed if the project has to succeed.

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