Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reckless intrusion

A man was killed and another lost his scalp in a attack by a stray leopard. This incident happened whence the leopard strayed into Guahati City in Eastern India is the State of Assam. Similar incidences have taken place elsewhere in India.

The leopard was tranquilized and transported to a local zoo nearby. It is presumed that the animal would be released in a wildlife sanctuary nearby.  These are unfortunate incidents that tar the big cats image. But who is to blame? 

Humans a constantly intruding into the domains of big cats in India. The builder lobby is insensitive to the homes of the animals. As the cities grow in India the shortage of house leads to intrusion into natural lands in the periphery. These areas are inhabited by wild denizens living there since ages.  

The conflict is a natural reaction to the intrusion in one's domain. But it does not seem that a solution is in place. The reckless expansion of human habitation is a taking a toll on wilderness in the country. There needs to be a planning mechanism which takes wilderness and wildlife into account before permission can be granted to colonize.    

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