Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tigergarh Resort - A Splendrous Retreat & Bandhavgarh Wilderness

Situated on the  Ranchha Road is Tigergarh a luxury resort owned and operated by Gangan Gahlot. The luxurious resort in Bandhavgarh is situated in green surroundings with towering hills on either side. The property cradled amidst wilderness is a preferred accommodation for those in tiger safari.     

The owner is also a naturalist of repute and wildlife enthusiast. I find him an ideal partner in love for nature. The lens men pleases
Campfire Sitout

Bandhavgarh Tiger


us with his work as he roams the forest of the reserve in Madhya Pradesh in India. Some of his images are soul stirring and captivate us by their sheer brilliance. As a lodge owner he has the opportunity to be in the magical forests and indulges in his passion whence the time permits.    

The photos in this blog offer and exclusive window into the wildlife retreat in Bandhavgarh  world of wilderness and are credited to Mr.Gagan Gahlot.
Male Tiger



Family Cottage


Jeep Safari

Flowers in Broom

Tiger in Woods

Chital Deer

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