Monday, February 8, 2016

Holy Banyan Tree & The Horn Bill

Of impressive spread a magnificent tree
Of massive girth and grows annually
Shelters one & shelters all
A silent sentinel that stands tall

Day by day it engulfs the host
The very tree that offers support
But that is the nature's design
To life and death all resign

As it grows a crown emerges
All the undergrowth it submerges
From the branches the aerials shoot
Spread around to prop up as roots

Like an umbrella it spreads with age
And begins to appear like an old sage
Ungainly shape makes it look untidy
Nevertheless it grows strong and mighty

Banyan tree a regal splendor
Makes us admire in awe & wonder
Lightening storm and thunder
Cannot shake it from under

A lone stranger in the wood
Offers shade with its massive hood
The leaves large and long
Huddled together all along
When the figs ripe in the canopy
Flocks of birds arrive in a jiffy

In a frenzy they devour
Like a true frugivore
As they swallow the delicious feed
The flesh tumble downs along with the seed

Using big down curved bills
The horn bills swallow all the figs
After gorging day and night
Off they fly out of sight

From one canopy to another
The avian fly far asunder
They disperse the undigested seeds
Such that they germinate to prolifically breed

In the tormenting heat unbearable
The banyan saves the parched miserable
The shady tree offers much respite
From the scorching sun flaming bright

Altruism is what the scribes say
When you serve without a pay
The Vedas describe it as a holy tree
The one that nourishes & shelters for free

Live and let live all big and small
Protect & preserve one and all
Rise to occasion at one call
Save trees from axe and fall

Conserve nature's diversity
Sustain the bounty for eternity

By Uday Patel

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