Monday, March 19, 2018

Exciting Leopard Sightings at Kanha

Guests From UK 
Andrew & Rebecca
Courtyard House Kanha

We had missed the tigress having seen the cubs along with the mother we were seeking other wilderness experience. As it was bound to be the guide was bit overzealous and took wrong turn in spite of my instructions. We did not venture into the road of last days sightings. But then as always happens a tiger sighting missed is not a good experience.
But I did not insist instead I decided to venture into a less travelled path, and rewarded we were. One benefit of a slow drive in the forests is that you come across more, you would otherwise miss if you shoot through. Anyway rules and regulations do not allow speed beyond 20km/hour, and I am a stickler.  

I could make out that the route we had taken was devoid of safari vehicles as most of them had already scoured the area and were on the way for breakfast. Silence, no traffic and slow speed besides alert senses fetch the unthinkable in the Indian forests. 

The leopard was actually turning back for as we realised later, the cub hearing the jeep sound was not willing to cross the road. We were at a distance from the predator as he crossed over and from an angle we could see her sitting peacefully well lit by strands of morning sun sneaking through the canopy.

Some times it is difficult to decide which animal is striking the tiger or the leopard. Well that's an individual judgement. I was awe struck as the light fell on the graceful creature looking inquisitively at us from between the thickets. 

"There is a cub with her!" I whispered upon seeing the young one in the thickets. We stayed put at a distance. The mother came out once again picked a fallen log and stood looking at us expecting the cub to cross the road and be on the way.  For a long time the female stood content looking at us surprised but not complete in that serene ambience. 

This went on for some time us and the illusive predator. Seeing the cub hesitate she crossed over and ventured into the thickets once again. We had already moved way back to encourage the cub but to know avail. The mother then nudged the young one to move and he did. I could capture the exciting moments in my mobile.  

The Leopard Videos

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