Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tigers at Pench

The recent BBC film on Pench tigers was an enjoyable wildlife film and offered a lot of insights in a tiger's family life. The documentation of the tigress and her cubs was well presented and very informative for wildlife lovers and nature conservationists as well.

In Central India at Pench filming tigers is a difficult and time consuming task and requires lot of resources as well. In tropical dry deciduous mixed forests like the Pench National Park the forests are dense and impenetrable at places. The grasslands are only place where reasonable viewing and filming of wild animals is possible.

Since tigers are secretive animals most of their biological activities takes place in dense forests. To film a tiger on kill is also not as easy as filming the lions on hunt. The obvious difference is the habitat which in Africa is mostly open grasslands or savannas.

Major wildlife photography establishments as BBC, National Geographic or the Partridge film company have the necessary resources, expertise and innovative skills which result in secretive aspects of the tiger being filmed.

Wildlife films are by all means educative in nature and entertaining. They create awareness and encourage people to turn into nature conservations or wildlife photographers or at least end up drawing sympathy for all forms of life. These are the crucial human behavioral traits that will go a long way in saving the tiger, other wild animals and conserving wildlife habitats for gen next.

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