Monday, November 3, 2008

White tiger in the wild

The white tiger was discovered in the State of Rewa besides its hunted mother. So far in the wild there has been no sightings of the amazing animal which has become world famous.

The white tiger is the same species as the normal orange Bengal tiger panthera tigris tigris and is not a separate subspecies as many believe. The lack of yellow pigmentation is attributed to a recessive gene which perhaps is present in all tigers. If this is true than may be once a again a white tiger will be born in the wild if the tiger species survives that is.

The white tiger has bred successfully in the zoos and the number is good all over the world. Some white tigers may be with private zoos or collector of animal species in USA and elsewhere. There are many white tigers in Indian zoos which are breeding fairly well.

White tiger is an amazing sight to behold and visitors to the zoo are wonder struck. It will create history if the white tiger is discovered again in the wild.

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