Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wildlife watching in summers

Summer is a difficult time for one and all. The romantic Indian Summer carries lot of heat. The temperatures at noon could rise as much as 43 deg centigrade. though evenings get cooler but not as cool. 

Summer is the ending time for tiger safaris in India. though the parks in Central India or Madhya Pradesh close on 31st June the rain may close park safaris earlier. Hence peak time for Indian holiday makers is April, May and perhaps first week of June.  

Wilderness in Summers. 

Indian Wildlife is stressed out during summer heat since water availability is scarce and shade reduces due to deciduous trees shedding their leaves.  Wild animals and birds are forced to congregate near water holes, lakes, marshy grasslands and rivulets. The visibility of wildlife is very high and it is fun watching wildlife in tiger reserves and National Parks.   

Sometimes one can experience heightened activity in a grassland or a meadow....a tiger on hunts or a wild dog chase...anything. Tigers are often located easily near water holes and lakes especially at Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Pench National Park. 

Other wildlife sightings are also very good. Birding is much stress free due to thin canopies but the winter migrants have gone. This good time to study the resident birds in India.   

The flame of the forest and Amaltas color the landscape making summer flora attractive. The golden dry grass adds to the ambiance of the meadows. It is an enchanting experience. 
Wildlife Tourism

The hotel owners much hungry for business make merry with discounted packages since the crowd does not overflow by any means. Perhaps best safari experience is whence the  tourists are less....Sundays are out. Summer holiday makers give India tour operators a last bust of business before holiday season closes. Rains put a stop to it all and new season promotions begin. The resorts in tiger reserves come to rest and close down to wait in anticipation the next year. 

Summer safaris are exciting and offer good chance of sighting tigers, leopards, wild dogs and other mammals like deer, bison, wild elephants and sloth bears in MP. The noon heat is unbearable for those not staying in air conditioned cottages. Mornings are cool and evenings tolerable. 

Going in for wildlife safaris in summers? Don't think twice! 

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