Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tiger Bones

Just today TOI reported confiscation of tiger and leopard bones along with part of other wildlife. Uttaranchal it seems is most susceptible to poaching due large forest belts and wildlife that includes tigers, leopards and wild elephants.

The bones where confiscated right at the doorstep of the  Corbett tiger reserve at Ramnagar. The Field Director's office is based here. Earlier a number of snares and traps where seized from a person.    

Unfortunately the seizure is not rare occurrence but rather frequent. The state is already beset with rabid colonization of its natural places due to what seems to be a no hold bar policies. The poaching in the state spells disaster and could lead to extinction of many engendered animals.

Uttaranchal is one of the finest birding destinations but the colonization will take its toll and bring the figure down. Wildlife and Birding Tourism has brought about substantial revenue generation along with employment to a large number of downtrodden. Conservation and preservation practices are to be followed actively in order to boost tourism responsibly and protect nature.   

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