Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Licensed Slaughter in Central India

I could just get the glimpse of this distressing news in a TV channel whence I reached home. The government of Madhya Pradesh is permitting slaughter of wild boars 5 km away from the protected areas? This means if you are registered you could shoot a wild boar if it destroys crops. (Sic).     

Earlier there were rumors of permission given to shoot spotted deer to protect the crops. How far this is true this ignorant author does not know. Even a surmise is suggestive of lack of understanding  of problems that beset the our society (wildlife included). One thing is absolute fact, that we have forgotten the teachings of  Veda. Of respect for all life forms. Ahimsa Zindabad!

What does a politician always gain? Vote Dumbo? 

The overgrown human populations have  usurped much of habitat of other life forms...and there is no guilt! There is no desire to find solution to human ingress everywhere. Who are these wild animals? Vermins, Pests, dangerous to human society. Move aside! Can you smell human chauvinism? Right Wing...Left Wing? He! He!

That the World is a human centric society is a fact. A draconian inhumanity steeped upon the voiceless. This slaughter of innocent wild boars will give license to kill other life forms under one pretext or other. Even if this does not work, few bucks in the pocket will do. Since corruption is the mother of all solutions. And the politician with myopia and greed sketched on his continence is the worst enemy of the Mother Earth.

Most of the agriculture yields in erstwhile forested areas or other habitats are pathetically poor not worth a go. But who will provide alternative means of survival to endemic communities and use an innovative approach to pressing contingencies?

Just shoot men!  

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