Saturday, January 17, 2015

Kuch Nahi - He! He!

Since many years I have discovered that there is lighter side to life even if the going is tough. On tiger safari whence you are not able to come across or detect big cats the picture is gloomy...absolute gloomy. On one side there is the tourist sitting with a mug expression and on the other side your reputation as wildlife guide is at a stake. The driver who budges in as an expert in trekking whence opportunity strikes makes it very clear that he is only a man behind the wheels. The forest guide can be very good at dozing whence going gets tough. 

All the braggadocio at Courtyard House at last night bonfire over booze now hangs over. Eh! Eh!  With every passing jeep there arrives a possibility of bright light. 

Kyon Bhai Kya? (Anything)

Kuch Nahi! (Nothing)

Call at Nakti Ghati!

Kuch Nahi!

We proceed further and arrive at pug marks. Stale. Night Over! There goes another Kuch Nahi! He!He!        
Another Jeep Arrives! 

Kyon Bhai? Kuch Dikha! 

A bunch load of tired tourists groggy eyed over last night's excesses peek at you in expectation. Some of them look more like deflated marriage invitees returning home after free fun rather than the smartly attired adventure seekers that move around with long lenses hanging loose.      

Kuch Nahi! He! He!

Aage Check Karte Hein? Hauow!

Did they see the tiger the guests ask? 

"No! None Have Seen." What a relief. We are all in the same boat. Whew!     
Courtyard House At Kanha

Crested Serpent Eagle on the dead tree. Seeeeeeeee! There are no takers.

A female was sighted at Karai Ghati! What! Not our area I tell the guests. Fish not biting. Tigers are not moving near the road I inform the guest. No alarm cries. No pug marks.  "Oh yes we can make that out", the guests affirm politely.   
Young Tiger by Yves Blisson

Kuch Nahi! I inform the eager staff at our hotel. "Will see one in the evening round", I assure. Well Kuch Nahi but yes tiger safari is a cheeze only if you know how to make one rather the just cheezing ooF! Chasing tigers.    

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