Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kids Nature Trail - Pariyat Lake Jabalpur

Catch Them Young

These are photographs of School Children Nature Trail  a program for conservation education and initiation into conservation by DFO Jabalpur Mr.H.S.Mohanta. Avidly involved with the programs Mr. Mohanta regularly organized nature trails for many schools. His efforts brought awareness of environment among many many school children and the teachers.      

I was part of many such nature trails and loved interacting with the children of all ages. This was my contribution if not much to create nature awareness among the children. This event took place in 2013 March. 

Bird watching was the main activity to initiate them into admiring nature and hence love and respect it. The DFO Office kindly provided the children with good quality binoculars. Refreshments were served at the end of the event.

Picturesque Pariyat Lake near Jabalpur is famous picnic spot harboring marsh crocodiles, wetland birds and wildlife in the surrounding forests.


Starting The Trail

Pariyat Lake

Bird Watching and Understanding Nature

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