Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bandhavgarh Buffer Zone Tiger Safari in Pictures

Bandhavgarh Tigress

Buffer Zone Tiger Bandhavgarh


Tiger Safari Bandhavgarh

Tiger Family

Tiger Walk

Yawning Tiger

Tiger on Walk
Tumbling Tigers

Tiger at Buffer Zone Bandhavgarh
Tiger Walk

Tiger on The Road    


Three Buffer Zines have been created outside Bandhavgarh Core or Tourism Zone. Despite apprehension many tourists have started enjoying the buffer safari. The only negative aspect is appearance livestock and villages. Nevertheless dense pockets of forest in between makes the safari eventful with sightings of tiger, slot bear, panther deer and so on. he open patches should be a disappointment as one can come across animals like chinkara, wolf, hyena and nilgai which prefer these ecosystems.   

Of the three places chalked out for tourism Panchpedhi is more popular with high density of forests and thickets. This is at a distance of 20 from Tala is comfortable the zone is connected to Khitauli and Panpatha Zones/Ranges. The National Park has three tourism zones in Core Area namely:


The buffer zones are extension of the above mentioned zones.

In the tiger reserves gate entry fees for buffer zones have been reduced though jeep safari charges are equal to the core zone tourism.

*Photo Credit: Teerath Singh ..MP Tiger Safari Company

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