Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bandhavgarh - Tiger Safari in the Buffer Zone

The buffer zones in the tiger reserves have been created for the protection of critical tiger habitats inside the core zone. Well they do just that but for how long. The sordid state of affairs in most of the reserves in India is denuding the remaining forests in the buffer zones. All natural lands are being consumed by burgeoning humanity and rabid urbanization. Perhaps tourism in buffer area would protect and result in preventing further denudation. I think all tracts of natural lands should be developed for tourism or some such purpose that would justify their existence.     

The biggest reason for sad plight of tigers in India have been the bounty killings during the British Rule. This was followed by rapid conversion of natural lands into agricultural fields. The third big reason was large scale culling (hunting) by the dignified lot during the British Rule and equally vehemently in the post British Era.

Most of the butchers are now dead not having contributed to India in any manner whatsoever and many have been the satraps of the British Empire making them rule this country with a handful sahibs.  

*Mention of British Rule has historical connotation and just that.  

Tiger By Teerath Singh

The Legacy 

The destruction of amount of natural land especially the forests has been appalling in the country. All that is left are small pockets with limited capabilities they are just larger than zoos.  The harbinger of rights are going to be the next big cause of demise of the striped hunter if an idiotic legislation is passed transacting our protected areas. I believe the forest rights bill could be it albeit I have not gone through. The status is so depleted that there is no room even for rectifying historical injustice as portrayed.      

Populist measures are an interplay of democracy... its the vote bank... we will have to teach tigers to vote.  Or lets vote on behalf of tigers for those who actually care for our environment holistically and preserve in practice.  

The Chinese threat looms large... I mean the medicine mongers here. Will we be able to save our tigers? Well the rise in numbers is encouraging but than euphoria dies down as it did during the Project Tiger period. The numbers of big cats is critically low and they need larger protected areas devoid of human settlements and totally inviolate. All the sanctuaries should be vacated with full compensation, well protected and ecosystems regenerated. This should happen in the field and not just on papers.      

Anyway opening up of buffer zone for tourism in Bandhavgarh and Kanha will open up this area. More people will be able to go for tiger safari.This will also mean greater attention to these neglected ecosystem  

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