Saturday, July 2, 2016

Tiger Conservation - Successful Breeding - Bandhavgarh

Success has come but is it too late. Recently a major newspaper reported birth of forty six tiger cubs in Bandhavgarh National Park. This is heartening news but there is more to it. The survival rate of cubs is  equally important. 

Tigeress with 4 cibs
In well managed protected area tiger breeding has been at its apex. Thanks to constant protective and related conservation practices tigers in parks like Bandhavgarh have increased. 

Tigress With Cubss
Left on their own the tigress are very protected and zealous mothers. She leaves no stone unturned in order to protect her progeny.  But the survival in the wild in tough the babies may be killed by other predators whence in infancy. They die often killed by a male tiger who has not sired them. Albeit there is no shortage of prey sometimes injury to the mother may result in the cubs dying of hunger. This often takes place in a territorial fight with another female of an intruding male. Last but not the least is the threat of poachers.   

The threats to survival of young tigers is increasing every day as fiction with surrounding humanity has increased with expanding populations. 
Young tigers

Nevertheless birth of tigers is a moment of celebration and extreme joy. Every birth augurs hope that the majestic carnivore the largest among big cats will survive for eternity. 

Here are some pictures of tigress and cubs photographed at Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh. The Indian Reserve is one of the finest habitat of the big cats and other mammals. There are more than forty tigers surviving in the park.   

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