Thursday, May 4, 2017

Lesser Known Tiger Reserves Part II

As discussed in the earlier post the problems that arise in tiger conservation are many. But one insurmountable problem that interferes with the management practices and is the cause of severe man animal conflict is excess population around the reserves.   

Since the law prohibits human settlements with the core area of the reserve the impetus is on relocating them outside. Though in spite of a generous compensation package it is difficult to relocate people away from the critical tiger habitats.     

As the tiger population grows more and more space will be required this will include the forest in the buffer. Unfortunately the problem of settlements is further compounded in the buffer due to absence of law to relocate settlements further. Not only the absence of law there is absolute lack of political will if contingency arises.  

Coming back to the article read below briefs on lesser known tiger reserves in India. The list also includes reserves which are least visited.  

Melghat Tiger Reserve lies in State of Maharashtra in Satpura Ranges. With an area of over two thousand sq km Melghat is home to a large population of bison and Central Indian mammals. Gugamal National Park with an area of 360 constitutes the core.   

Buxa Tiger Reserve in West Bengal is a 760 sq km big cat heaven in India. It is home to Indian Elephant besides tiger and other mammals. Bagdogra lies at a distance of 195 km.    

Dudhwa Tiger Reserve bordering Nepal is in Uttar Pradesh. The preserve is home to a good number of  tigers besides other mammals. The swamp deer the Northern race if found here. The rhino relocation has been successful since many years. Dudhwa lies in Lakhimpur Kheri district within a short distance from Palia City.  

Ratapani Tiger Reserve lies in close proximity to Bhopal the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. Home to tigers, wolves and other mammals the reserve contains finest stands of teak. Prehistoric Bhimbetika Caves lie within.  Poaching and illicit felling are major cause of concern.      

Sunbheda Tiger Reserve is situated in Odisha in Nuapada District. The 500 sq km preserve is home to Central Indian mammals like tiger, leopard, sloth bear.  

Bhadra Tiger Reserve is situated in Karnataka State near Chikkamagaluru District. It is home to tiger, lion tailed macaque, slender loris, bonnet macaque and wild elephants. Approximately 600 sq km in area the reserve is 163 km from Mangalore.    

More tiger reserves have been created and hopefully more will be notified in near future. This is essential if we wish to save the tiger from extinction as well as give new lease of life to myriads of lif e forms in India. 

At present the non violate area in India is very small, barely one percent of the total land mass. Better management of our land will result in preservation of niche habitats for other life forms and increase the protected area.  

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