Thursday, May 4, 2017

Lesser Known Tiger Reserves of India

This entry is on the basis that there are many tiger reserves in India but few are in active circuit as far as tourism is concerned. Tourism is present in these reserves but they are less popular amidst the International and National circuits.   

The top five reserves in India are Internationally famous and offer good tiger sightings. These are Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench, Tadoba and Ranthambore. In recent times Corbett has become hub of tiger tourism but it is favored more by overseas tourist for the birding potential it holds. Due to altitude migration the park is home to more than five hundred species. 

Among the second rung of list (comparative) are the reserves that are more popular amongst local tourists.  The reason that they are less popular overseas are many. The primary reason for a tiger reserve to get fanciful numbers of tourist is the sightings of course. Being a keystone species wildlife lovers keep tiger sighting as first priority in their wishlist of reserves. In some of these reserves tiger sightings may be poor and the tourism infrastructure amy not be upto the required standards, Another reason may their remoteness with connectivity being a major issue. In some of the reserve problems regarding law and order in terms of extremists may be a major hindrance. In many destinations human settlements create man animal conflict and are a hindrance in tiger conservation.  

The reserves may also contain smaller populations of big cat. But this can be seen in a brighter light as they are destinations which can harbor more tigers in time to come with proper conservation practices. 

Amrabad Tiger Reserve in the newly carved Telangana State has a potential to attain popularity. It is one of the biggest reserve with area of 2880 The reserve holds twenty three tigers approximately and they are more often seen on camera traps rather than on safaris.   

Nagarjuna Srisailem Tiger Reserve in Andhra Pradesh is the largest reserve in India with an area of  3568 The core area is 1200 The National Park faces threat of armed extremists.  

Tiger - Dinesh Makhija
Indrawati Tiger Reserve in the State of Chhattisgarh is virtually out of bounds for the tourists due to armed extremist problem. The 2799 reserve holds the last remaining population of wild buffalo that fate of which is difficult to gauge in present times. Some efforts are being made to encourage tourism here. Jagdalpur at a distance of 168 km is the nearest railhead.

Kanger Valley National Park in the State of Chhattisgarh is 200 in area. The park contains an impressive list forty nine Central Indian mammals including the tiger and the leopard. Jagadalpur rail head at distance of thirty three km offers good accommodation. Natural cave formations are an interesting feature of this destination.    

Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve in the State of Madhya Pradesh. The park has an area of 1674 and is home to big cats as well as Central Indian Mammals. Tiger population here is very small.    

Guru Ghasidas National Park in Korea District was carved out pf Sanjay Dubri TR whence the State of Chattisgarh came into being. The tiger population here is very small in an area of  2898 

There will be more on  Lesser Known Tiger Reserves of India in my next blog entry.    

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