Friday, April 14, 2017

Tigress Early Morning Stroll - Video

The Story
Kanha National Park 
Tigersess on stroll  
Guest Pauline & Kath UK
Courtyard House  

We tracked this tigress from where it was likely to be. Tiger frequent a spot or place after a gap of few days in order to catch the prey unaware.

Beautiful early morning with cool breeze flowing all over. It was an enthralling moment in the pristine wilderness of Kanha. Partially hidden among strands of grass we spotted the angelic tigress.  

Our guests were thrilled beyond words. The cameras began to click as we reversed the jeep up to a safe distance. The tigress arose from the foliage and came unto the road. Then the stroll began, oblivious of us she began to walk towards us and we kept backing. This continued for a long time and I used my mobile to film her. 

After what seemed like eternity the another jeep arrived much to their delight they too could witness the ethereal moment. She would step into the near by bush and spray hormones an essential act of scent marking for communication.  

Tigers can charge badly, and you would not want to witness the event. Hence we kept a safe distance all the time. Eventually other jeeps arrived and the big cat moved deeper into the bush and vanished. 

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