Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wild Encounters - John Leonn

John Leonn Canada & Friends
Courtyard House Kanha

Not dithered by age John Leonn retired veterinarian from Canada is an enthusiastic wildlife photographer and skier. He spends time at ski grounds doing all the hard work he loves. He spent time in India at various tiger reserves photographing wildlife in its natural habitats. 

Here are some of amazing wild animal pictures that he took assiduously while on visits to wilderness. I accompanied him as naturalist whence he visited Kanha Tiger Reserve in Central India. 

Posted below are some of his images which enthral the viewers. 
barking deer

male tiger


spotted deer

Wild dog

Wild Dog Pack

Elephant mother and calf



honey buzzard

India Pitta



Elephant ride

king Vulture



Bengal Tiger

Marsh Crocodile

One Horned Rhinoceros

Plum Headed Parakeets


Sloth Bear

Swamp Deer

Tiger at WaterHole

Pug Mark of Tiger

Wild Buffalo

Wild Boar


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