Saturday, January 21, 2017

Tiger Conservation: Tigress Electrocuted

Another One Down. 

This time near the Sidhi Tiger Reserve in Central India. The tigress met with a torturous end after being electrocuted by electric lines. She was in care of three cubs which may as well die. This is absolute tragedy.

The Deadly Lines

The eleven KVA lines work across the whole nation, but they are misused near the tiger reserves. Even humans, and poachers (sic) have died, the latter entrapped in their own evil mechanism. The menace poses a serious threat and should be curtailed by all means.

The related incidences have occurred at Pench, Kanha, Bandhavgarh and now Sidhi. They might be occurring elsewhere without fail.  The incidences have occurred with a degree of regularity. I believe a solution was provided by an NGO...covered wires to be used near the reserve, but they are rotting in the store.    

Until unless we do not consider all elements of tiger conservation seriously,saving the critically endangered species will be an arduous task. The these incidence continue to happen, and are miserable. They speak of  volumes of how seriously we take conservation of carnivores in India. 

This is not end since we lose predators, wild elephants and other animals to railway tracks and highways as well. This is also a regular occurrence.

These death raise serious questions especially whence these have been occurring since decades in India. Surprisingly no solutions have been found or are we not bothered at all?

We do not wish to see the back of this one. IC Teerath Singh
Why do we not impose speed limits to an extent the accidents are avoided?

Do these issue appear to be non glamorous to our wildlife managers and policy makers?

Is there a serious thought accorded to these issues? Well it does not seem so!    

At present juncture we cannot afford to lose a single tiger or a leopard. Same applies to all life forms without prejudice. A comprehensive policy should be framed for conserving critically endangered species, taking into consideration all elements that pose a threat to their survival.

More Tiger Deaths By Electrocution

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