Thursday, June 21, 2018

No Parochialism This! - Tiger Translocation

Perhaps for the first time a tiger from Madhya Pradesh has been trans-located to another state. MB 2 male tiger has been tranquillised and is being shifted out of the state to Satkosia Gorge Tiger Reserve in the State of Orissa. He is a big male seen often in the Mukki Zone of Kanha Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh.

Since last couple of years Mukki Zone had become a battle ground for males seeking dominance. Internecine battles as can be described took place between Kingfisher, Uma and Bhima and perhaps Chotta Munna. The scuffle for dominance resulted in death of two male tigers Bhima and Kingfisher. The battles that took place where territorial as well as for procreation. 


Video Uploaded By Sharad Vats shows MB2 and Uma male in a scuffle.

MB2 was born from mating between female of Mukki and Uma male that is why in the scuffle here he was just pushed off and not killed. But the battle would rage on hence it is a good decision by the Kanha Management to trans-locate him to another tiger reserve.   

MB2 is no match for his father and in the ensuing battle there was a chance he could have been killed as has happened to the two males. 

With most of the tiger habitats destroyed in India territorial battles between males have become a regular affair with damaging consequences. Since the males cannot spread out trans-locating them is a means to mitigate vicious territorial fights which could lead to death of the tigers.  

Satkosia Gorge Tiger Reserve has two females once this male tiger from Kanha settles down tiger breeding will begin. Few more tigers are being sent to this reserve as per reports. 

This interstate tiger translocation is an heartening event and speaks much about the sagacity of Kanha management and MP Government. Practice like this one is carried out in good faith and for the good of the feline species which is in deep trouble.

If only the Gujarat Government takes heed and make translocation of Asiatic Lion possible to Kuno Palpur in MP it will augur well for the species as well fetch the State out of a parochialism. Well who knows this event will be an eye opener.  

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