Thursday, June 28, 2018

Populating Tigers in Satkoshia Gorge in Odisha

Satkoshia Gorge is a tiger reserve which has an extensive spread almost seven miles of gorge as reported. Thus the name Saat stands for 7 Kosh stands for miles. It is in Angul District of Odisha. 

The reserve has recent sightings of two females as per the reports. In order to populate tigers at Satkoshia an ambitious program has been chalked out, and good to know that it is an interstate program.

Well MP Government has sent one male tiger to the reserve and the translocation has been successful. The project was carried out under the aegis of Mr. Sanjay Shukla the present field director of Kanha Tiger Reserve in Central India.   

The program is to trans-locate six tigers of which one has already taken place. Another translocation  was carried under FD Mr. Mridul Pathak from Bandhavgarh. Here are some photographs of the events at Kanha  & Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserves. 

Repopulating Tigers 

With the use of modern translocation techniques and tranquilizing methods the exercise has become safer and good number of trans-locations have been carried out in India.   

This has been hailed as good conservation management adaptation. But then the fear is of wanton projects that could undermine the populations of resident tigers. Another fear is disturbance to breeding and family structure at the place of residence. Thankfully this has not happened because planned efforts are being made to conserve this critically endangered species in India. 

Repopulating tigers usually results in balancing populations in a given habitat in a reserve. This results in mitigation of territorial fights which often leads to fatality as has been witnessed at Mukki Zone in Kanha recently.

In a given area, the presence of even one dominant male keeps the breeding cycle going without friction between contesting males. The space between take over by other males is time stretched allowing the dominant male to complete a life cycle. This is also applicable to tigresses.

Population dynamics are studied carefully and imbalance in male to female ratio is also a consideration. The presence of cubs and the sire is also taken into consideration. It is a long drawn exercise and requires extensive planning. Another good that has taken place is the life forms have escaped the vicious net of parochialism as has been seen in the case of Asiatic Lion translocation from Gir in Gujarat.                   
Teams at Satkoshia 


Darted Male

Elephants rounding up


Team Kanha 


In enclosure at Satkoshia
Team BTR
Tigress BTR
Collared Tigress BTR
Team at BTR 
Tigress Being Tranquilized BTR

In the truck

 Tigress Bandhavgarh


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