Wednesday, July 16, 2008

End of the season

With the start of the monsoon the park closes for the tourists. Every year the park closes down on 3oth June and re-opens on 16th October this year. This gives much rest and privacy to the wild animals of the park.

But one negative aspect of the absence of tourists is that the park become more susceptible to poaching another reason for this is the turbulent rains which makes traversing many areas of the park difficult even for the elephant patrol. The whole staff including the guides are involved in safe guarding the park and protecting the animals from marauding poachers. It is hard work for the park staff looking after the wild animals and forests. This is true conservation effort and the staff should be rewarded by tourists and all for this if nothing more.

The activities in hotels in Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench and other Indian tiger reserves comes to an end. It is time for rest for the hotel staff and the managers much needed. Servicing the guests is a difficult task what with most of the resources being fetched from major towns.

The timings for the staff are very tough during the season. They have to get up as early as 3.3 am in the bitter cold after having gone to sleep around 11pm. The immediate task is to prepare breakfast and tea which is offered as packed brunch too. The visitors are woken up for the park safari after this so that they leave for the gate in time. The whole day is spent doing numerous chores and serving the guests. Most of the staff goes to sleep late and gets up very early with limited rest.

It is very disappointing when some ungrateful guests do not tip them.

Eco tourism is not only fun and excitement watching rare and endangered species like the tiger. It is a responsible tourism as well so all activities that encourage the locals and those involved will go long way in saving our precious natural inheritance.

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