Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tiger Safaris in October

In early days of tourism at Central Indian tiger reserves the park opened up in November for tiger safaris this offered a much needed rest and peace to wildlife and the park authorities had the time to re - establish road infrastructure etc.

All that has changed now. The tiger tourism is on peak and the tourist rush is considerable. So the park now opens in October a month earlier than before. Why?

Well! Tourism. Yes!

And the hotels at National Parks which wish to capitalize of tourist inflow to the optimum best. They managed to convince the park management that since the breeding season o most of the wildlife gets over by this time it is okay to commence tiger safaris earlier.

Since Kanha is the largest and mos popular National Park the owners of wildlife resorts at Kanha are the most active in matters relating to park safaris and tourism.

In October the monsoon rains have come to an end and with its departure humidity and wetness have been replaced by sunny weather and a bit of comforting cold. Inside the park, flora is at its optimum density and visibility is limited to few paces. Hence tiger trekking is difficult but nevertheless tigers are seen albeit at higher odds. So a minimum three night stay is advised to the tourists.

During October and early November the parks are at their picturesque best attired in green all over. This is the time when the weather too is at its best. So it is a happy time for tourist on tiger safari at Kanha National Park, Pench and Bandhavgarh National Parks.

In anticipation booking is done months in advance and especially during the Diwali holidays. This is the time when the rush is at its greatest.

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